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May 24, 2017

DOWA to launch a new incinerator in Singapore, promoting safe and low-carbon treatment of solid hazardous waste

DOWA ECO-SYSTEM CO., LTD. has launched a new incinerator at Technochem Environmental Complex Pte. Ltd. (“TEC,” Republic of Singapore, Capital: S$ 3.5 million, President: Akio Yoshinari), a subsidiary which operates a waste management business in Singapore.

Singapore has been encouraging the growth of its medical and pharmaceutical industries. Many leading pharmaceutical companies from all over the world are entering Singapore. While the volume of solid hazardous waste to be generated from these industries is expected to increase, the number of waste management companies capable of treating this waste is limited. Thus, treatment capacity is expected to be tight.

DOWA ECO-SYSTEM CO., LTD. entered the Southeast Asian market in 2009 and now runs Environmental Management and Recycling businesses in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar. In Singapore, the business is operated at two facilities. One is TEC, which provides waste management services with a focus on the collection and incineration treatment of toxic industrial waste. The other is DOWA ECO-SYSTEM SINGAPORE PTE. LTD., which recycles precious metals and provides environmental consulting services.

As a company with licenses to treat almost all types of toxic industrial waste, TEC possesses a distinct strength and advantage in the treatment of liquid waste, and has earned the trust of companies that place an emphasis on compliance. It plans to use the newly constructed incinerator mainly for treating solid hazardous waste, such as pharmaceutical and chemical complex hazardous waste. The introduction of this incinerator will nearly double the current waste incineration capacity of the company. It will also enable a system to be established that makes it possible to treat many different types of complex hazardous waste, both liquid and solid. This new incinerator is also capable of complete combustion of waste without auxiliary fuel (except for ignition), enabling a significant reduction in CO2 emissions generated during the incineration treatment of solid waste. Calling on its extensive experience in Japan and other countries, the DOWA Group, in Singapore, will promote not only safe detoxifying treatment of various types of hazardous waste, but also low-carbon waste treatment, demand for which is increasing.

DOWA ECO-SYSTEM CO., LTD. will accelerate its business expansion and help solve environmental issues in Asia, where economic growth is expected to continue.

Overview of the new incinerator

Location Premises of TEC in the Tuas Industrial Area, Singapore
Start date of acceptance End of May 2017 (plan)
Objects to be treated Toxic industrial waste including bio-hazardous waste
Treatment capacity 36 tons/day

Appearance of TEC New Incinerator

Appearance of TEC New Incinerator

DOWA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. News release

DOWA to launch a new incinerator in Singapore, promoting safe and low-carbon treatment of solid hazardous waste

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