We are striving to achieve the universal desire of protecting the global environment, in accordance with our mission of building a sustainable society through resource recycling.

The DOWA Group began as a mining company and has long dealt with non-ferrous metals which have both valuable and hazardous aspects. This experience has provided us with the technologies for extracting valuable resources and for detoxifying and reliably managing hazardous materials, while also giving us a profound awareness of the need to show consideration for the global environment.

At DOWA ECO-SYSTEM, our major services consist of recycling, waste management and soil remediation, and we are expanding our operations in Japan and other Asian countries. In order to satisfy the wishes of our clients, we thoroughly ascertain their needs and make it a fundamental point of our business to be transparent and to monitor all stages through to the end. We collect and safely transport recyclable materials and waste, using our own logistics system, and then properly detoxify and recycle them.

With these one-stop integrated services, we are striving to assist the development of sustainable societies in more countries, thereby helping to improve the global environment.

We are constantly taking on the challenge of enhancing the safety and reliability of our services, and we try to ensure that our employees can be proud of their work for their families.

We look forward to your continuous support.

President and representative director, YANAI Yasuharu

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