News Release

March 26, 2019

ECO-SYSTEM AKITA Obtains ministerial approval to detoxify low-contaminated polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) waste

On March 26, 2020, ECO-SYSTEM AKITA CO., LTD. (Odate City, Akita Prefecture) newly obtained ministerial approval to detoxify low-contaminated PCBs waste.

ECO-SYSTEM AKITA had obtained ministerial approval in 2011 and started detoxification of low-contaminated PCBs waste. This new approval has been permitted to treat waste with a PCBs concentration of 10% or less.

Currently, the Ministry of the Environment is working to establish additional treatment system for PCBs contaminants (PCBs concentration 0.5% to 10% or less) in order to promote the treatment of PCBs waste.

ECO-SYSTEM AKITA cooperated with the incineration test of these PCBs contaminants in June 2019, with confirmation from local relevant governments such as Akita Prefecture. As a result, we were able to confirm that the detoxification process could be performed safely, so we obtained this new ministerial approval.

We will continue to make various efforts to contribute to the promotion of PCBs waste treatment.

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