News Release

January 18, 2018

ECO-SYSTEM CHIBA CO., LTD. acquires ministerial certification for low-concentration PCB detoxification treatment

On January 18, 2018, ECO-SYSTEM CHIBA CO., LTD. acquired ministerial certification for a detoxification treatment for low-concentration PCB.

With this new addition, DOWA ECO-SYSTEM Group now has a total of five business sites that handle low-concentration PCB, including ECO-SYSTEM AKITA CO., LTD., ECO-SYSTEM SANYO CO., LTD., ECO-SYSTEM KOSAKA CO., LTD., and KOWA SEIKO CO., LTD.

DOWA ECO-SYSTEM will continue to contribute to promoting the processing of waste materials containing low-concentration PCB within the legally mandated period, by satisfying a variety of needs, such as the safe and reliable dismantling and transport of equipment and by safely and reliably processing waste materials containing PCB.

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