DOWA ECO-SYSTEM Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Dowa Holdings Co., Ltd., that was established in October 2006 in order to focus more specifically on Environmental Management & Recycling. Dowa Holdings Co., Ltd, formaly Dowa Mining Co., Ltd. was originally established in Japan in 1884 as a mining & smelting company.

Dowa Holdings Co., Ltd. was quickly able to position the Environmental Management & Recycling division as a leading company in this field by utilizing the proven technologies, infrastructure, experience and problem-solving methodology accumulated from their 130 years of mining & refining operations.

Currently, DOWA ECO-SYSTEM provides core services in Resource Recycling, Waste Management, Soil Remediation, and Environmental Consulting. The Company approaches a wide range of Environmental Management & Recycling projects as an Integrated Environmental Company, organically connecting all of the services necessary to tackle environmental risks as a whole.

The Age of Globalization requires us to operate with a global viewpoint about limited resources and fragile environments. DOWA ECO-SYSTEM Co., Ltd. considers the environment globally, and acts locally with communities and business organizations towards the reduction of environmental risks and the realization of a recycling-oriented society.

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News Release

Investment in PDI Tak Eco Co., Ltd. and Expansion of Waste Treatment Business in Thailand
Establishment of MELTEC IWAKI CO., LTD. and Melting of Incinerated Ash to Further Expand the Recycling Business
Completion and Start of Operation of Myanmar's First Controlled Landfill Facility
DOWA Eco-System Singapore Exhibit at Electronics Recycling Asia WRF 2015 in Singapore
DOWA Exhibit at 6th Waste Management ME Forum 2015 Dubai Oct 2015
DOWA Exhibited at E-SCRAP 2015
DOWA Eco-system suggested "Policy for Climate Change in Japan" to Minister of the Environment of Japan, as a member of "Japan Climate Leaders' Partnership"
Entering the Environmental Management and Recycling businesses in Myanmar
Construction of the country’s first controlled landfill
Dowa President Delivers Lecture at International Conference in India
Indonesia's The first and only one integrated waste management company, PPLi, Celebrates 20th Anniversary
Thai Industry Minister Visits ESBEC
Expansion of Precious Metal Recycling Business in Asia
Precious metal refining plant to start operation in Singapore
Panasonic, Hangzhou DADI, DOWA and Sumitomo Corporation to Establish Home Appliances Recycling Company in Hangzhou, China
Incorporating advanced recycling technologies of a Japanese consumer electronics company
Household Appliances Recycling Plant Completed in Tianjin, China: Responding to Domestic Chinese Demand for Resources Recycling
New base for household appliances recycling business opens in Jiangxi Province, China
Strengthening and expanding business infrastructure for future development
Dowa Eco-System Commercializes Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Business
Harnesses network and existing facilities to meet diverse customer needs
Dowa Holdings to Launch Management Company in Shanghai, China
Dowa Eco-System to Set Up Joint Venture in China for Soil Remediation
Building a presence in the Chinese market in anticipation of rapid growth
Dowa Eco-System to Start Full-Scale Detoxification Treatment Business for Waste Materials with Trace Amounts of PCB
Progressive Expansion Nationwide with Plans to Build Treatment System on the Scale of 30,000 Tons Annually
Dowa Eco-System Subsidiaries Become First Approved Operators of Contaminated Soil Treatment Business in Japan
Responding to Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act Amendment
Enter Household Appliances Recycling Business in Tianjin
Aiming to Expand Environment/Recycling Business in China

DOWA ECO-SYSTEM Core Businesses

Resource Recycling

We are a continually evolving leader and pioneer in the Environmental Management & Recycling Business.

Waste Management

DOWA ECO-SYSTEM has gained the trust of our clients by balancing top-quality environmental efficacy and economic efficiency.

Soil Remediation

DOWA ECO-SYSTEM is the premiere soil remediation company thanks to the synergy of experienced human resources, technological flexibility, and a well-developed infrastructure. Environmental risks are controlled by the most effective methods applicable to the specific task.

Environmental Consulting

DOWA ECO-SYSTEM's consulting branch, E & E Solutions, Inc., acts as an integrated technical consultant to provide solutions for environmental and energy problems.

Global Network for Environmental Management

DOWA ECO-SYSTEM works effectively as an organic combination of service units to provide the optimal solutions for preserving the environment as well as developing the economy.